I am

I am a husband, a father, a son, a firefighter and an endurance athlete.

I’m a global citizen and humanitarian. My values, morals and integrity ground me. Every day I become better than I was the day before, as I am perfectly imperfect and everything is exactly how it’s supposed to be. I get comfortable being uncomfortable. I own my experiences but am not defined by them. My thoughts, the words I speak and the actions I take are congruent with what I love to do.

I am genuine, authentic, vulnerable and true to myself. I stand tall with humility, having an awareness that I am only one small piece of a larger puzzle, but in the same sentence I know that there is a power within me that is infinite, unlimited and ever expanding, and that I can change the world and create the ripple effect I choose.

I am empathetic and compassionate towards people. I treat people with respect and appreciate their presence and conversation. I am inspired by those who step out of their comfort zone and pursue their dreams, the people who fall down but get back up and the people who pick those up who have fallen down.

I am moved by those who struggle but never give up. Those who go through tough times but keep on going. Those who defy the odds and conquer what they knew possible for themselves. Strength and perseverance of the human spirit. I have experienced all of this.

I choose to see the good in people and I embrace them with open arms. I look to inspire as there were times when I was uninspired and others showed me the way. I create an awareness and empower people to see their true greatness from within so that they too can create their own unique ripple effect.

I embrace the lows as I do the highs, the ups and downs and the ins and outs of life with complete enthusiasm as I know that nothing is ever permanent. I let go without attachment as I know that releasing the old experiences will allow new experiences to reveal themselves to me.

I am a collection of many men and women before me and with me right now. I understand that no one person is self-made, we all are connected by the light and energy that we are.

I am as passionate about the sunrise as I am the sunset. I have faith that the universe is always working for me. I am the process and to doubt the process is doubting myself.

I am grateful for the 86,400 seconds I am given every day and I use that time and space to do the things I love, spend it with the ones I love and to create the wave that is my ripple effect.

I am abundant in every sense of the word. I am love, joy and peace. I believe that one person can change the world, I believe that together we can do so much more.

My superpower is that I am human. Every experience is a lesson that has taught me something. With every choice I make I drop it in the pond of life and my ripple effect is created.

I am Michael Glasser. I’m exactly who I am supposed to be. So are you.